All prices in the catalog are stated in SEK, VAT and shipping are added. The prices apply from 2021-02-01 and until further notice.
Production time
Fixed – 5 to 10 days.
Standard – 10 to 20 days.
Production time is calculated from the time we have received approval for proofreading and order recognition.
If nothing else is specified when ordering, the product is assumed to be ordered with the longest production time. Therefore, be sure to check that your order indicates the correct production time.
Delivery conditions
Free our warehouse in Borgstena. If ÅF or ÅF’s customer wishes to use their own shipping company, a customer number is entered.
If the customer number is not available, Borgstena of Sweden can handle the shipping with its carrier and charge the shipping cost based on the Borgstena of Sweden transport agreement.
Borgstena of Sweden does not take responsibility for the work carried out by the transporter, but guarantees that the transporter uses the NSAB 2015 regulations. www.transportforetagen.se/ForbundContainer/Transportindustriforbundet/Publikationer/NSAB-2015/
Be sure to check the delivery upon receipt of shipment.
Delivery terms
Borgstena of Sweden complies with PWA’s General Delivery Regulations 2016.
Read more here!
Payment terms
For Borgstena of Sweden credit-approved customers, payment is made against invoice, 30 days net.


Plus service – packing “customer made”
Do you wish to have your products packed in a different way than what we offer as standard? Then we would be happy to offer you that extra service, contact us and we will come up with proposals!
Material – original for printing
We wish that all submitted files are vectorized in both text and shape and predefined in the desired print colors. Acceptable file formats are ai, eps, pdf or jpg format.
Repeat at cliché print
If the same cliché cannot be used for repeat orders, there will be a new starting cost instead of a repeat cost.
Graphical help
Choose this Plus service to get help from our experienced graphic designers with your sales work. We can e.g. produce examples and proposals that you can show your client.
We work actively with environmental issues in our daily work. For example, we only use green electricity in our premises, and we heat them by directing the excess heat from our printing presses back into our heating system.