Our story began in 1999 with an idea to spread good messages in combination with really good sweets. We value creating advertising that does not disturb but that touches, and believe that information reaches the heart best through the stomach. That’s why we apply the company’s message to one of the best things out there – Candy created with love.

Thanks to the possibility of producing candies and chocolates from our own recipe, placed in packaging with our own printing, we have the right conditions to produce products of the highest quality. At home in our own chocolate factory. This allows us to ensure quality throughout the entire process with raw materials of the finest variety. With cocoa beans from Belcolade, we help make a difference while being able to deliver really good chocolate. Belcolade works actively to improve conditions and working conditions for its cocoa farmers. Therefore, you can enjoy good chocolate with a clear conscience.

We have a wide range of quality sweets to meet your specific needs. In order to continue to develop and take our offers one step further, we have a carefully selected collaboration with Vergani, Europe’s leading confectionery company that has been sharing its knowledge, experience and passion since 1881.
A passion that accompanies us all the way home from Italy to our chocolate factory in Borgstena.
To help you spread your message, we have our own printing house. This enables us to easily and qualitatively print according to your company’s wishes. We only use water- and UV-based paints that are gentle on nature. In addition, we pack all products on site in Borgstena. Fast, smooth and flexible. Always with love.

We have a great environmental focus. For us, it is important not only to create good chocolate experiences, we also want to contribute to a greener future. Having said that, we only use green electricity in our premises and in our factory. We value environmental considerations in every decision we make and constantly develop our environmental work to contribute to sustainable development and a better world.